About Our Services

Why choose us?

We are the customer acquisition specialists of choice. We take pride in our work ensuring that we deliver the desired results. Our unique no win no fee policy ensures that we only charge for the results we deliver. Our primary objective is to provide a risk free, cost effective supplement to your pipeline.

Our personalised approach

In today’s world where the majority of communication is done via mobile apps and the internet we believe in the core value of face to face interaction. The interpersonal rapport and human connection is what gives us a unique angle within today’s digital era.

The Precise factor

 The impact a high volume of loyal customers has on any business is immense. We take care in ensuring we supply quality customers that meet our clients criteria through our bespoke acquisition techniques.

Our services

P.A.D is one of the leading providers of outsourced, customer acquisitions to a diverse range of clients. Our clients benefit from our professional and bespoke strategies which we tailor to their needs to institute immediate, widespread and measurable sales and marketing campaigns. We offer business-to-business, business-to-consumer, residential and event based channels.

Our Services

Brand Awareness

Through understanding your audience we select the most viable channel to ensure that your brand is exposed to the appropriate segments of the market.

Customer Acquisition

Increasing market share is what we do best, tell us who the customers you need are and we will find them.

Precision Acquistions Direct - brand loyalty services

Brand Loyalty

We know the key to driving revenue is returning customers which is why we put major emphasis on customer retention.

Face-to-Face Marketing

Imagine your audience could engage with your brand the way the do with each other. To be able to use humour, to ask questions, to connect with a degree of intelligence and poise that would be impossible through most mediums. We allow your marketing to connect with people in just that way.

Market Reach

Ensuring that we expose your content and brand with the correct audience is paramount to the success of our campaigns. We are able to reach up to 90% of a market using a combination of our channels.

Measurable Results

We track results on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis so that we can ensure you are getting the most out of your marketing campaign. By tracking everything in the process we can identify pressure points to help increase productivity.