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Alex Mandich
Alex Mandich Managing Director
Alex Mandich studied at Middlesex University, graduating with an undergraduate Bsc. degree in Business and Marketing, and a Masters in marketing operations. Mr Mandich always liked the idea of being his own boss, controlling his own success and being able to provide opportunities to others, and this desire became the driving force behind establishing Precision Acquisitions Direct.

Since setting up the firm, he has committed to four core values; Honesty, integrity, leading by example, equal opportunity. These values have helped to shape the firm into what it is today; a place where hard work is rewarded and where everyone is given the chance to develop and succeed. From his own experiences in sales and marketing Mr Mandich knows what it takes to be successful and is constantly working on new ways to share his insight with the industry’s up and coming talent.

In the coming 12 months Mr Mandich is keen to take Precision Acquisitions Direct to another 3 cities within the UK, and create a wider market reach for the firm’s growing client base.