Precision Acquisitions Direct Urges Ex Service Personnel to Pursue Entrepreneurship

Precision Acquisitions Direct believes ex-servicemen and women have the crucial skills that lead to business success and has recently developed a range of opportunities so that these individuals can apply their military backgrounds within the sales and marketing sector. […]

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Precision Acquisitions Direct Weigh in on the Will vs Skill Debate

With the impending arrival of applications from college and university graduates, sales and marketing firm Precision Acquisitions Direct are keen to speak out in support of ‘will over skill’. […]

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Precision Acquisitions Direct Reveal How It’s Using Travel to Accelerate Skills

Precision Acquisitions Direct has been running campaigns across the country these past few weeks, to provide its contractors with a crash course in campaign management and an opportunity to develop core entrepreneurial skills. […]

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Review: Precision Acquisitions Direct Discuss How Businesses Are Letting Workers Down

In response to research from recruitment website Totaljobs, Precision Acquisitions Direct has spoken out on what it is doing to meet the training and development needs of today’s workforce. […]

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