Precision Acquisitions Direct get inspired by best selling Grant Cardone book

This week, the London-based sales and marketing firm Precision Acquisitions Direct has taken inspiration from the internationally renowned book ‘Be Obsessed or Be Average’ written by the successful entrepreneur and best-selling author Grant Cardone. […]

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Precision Acquisitions Direct Review How Actions vs Titles Impact Leadership

Precisions Acquisitions Direct Managing Director, Alex Mandich is a strong advocate of the idea that actions speak louder than words. […]

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Precision Acquisitions Direct discuss why they are making rewards a weekly occurrence

A study highlighting the reasons SME’s offer rewards to their workforces has prompted Prevision Acquisitions Direct to release a statement on why they are offering weekly rewards and competitions to their team of young professionals. […]

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Precision Acquisitions Direct on Why Customer Service Can Make or Break a Business

Precision Acquisitions Direct has spoken out in light of a report highlighting how many businesses are missing the mark when it comes to customer service, and how this could make or break a brand.   […]

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Precision Acquisitions Direct Shares their Advice on How Entrepreneurs Can Build Confidence

In a special meeting with budding young entrepreneurs, Precision Acquisitions Direct shared their advice on how to build confidence, and why confidence is a core component for sustainable success.  […]

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Precision Acquisitions Direct Outline the Importance of Precision

Being part of their identity, Precision Acquisitions Direct is adamant that precision is central to professional success, and has released a statement on the importance of precision in the modern business world.   […]

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Precision Acquisitions Direct Attend Landmark London Event

On the 12th of February, Precision Acquisitions Direct joined industry professionals from across the UK, for a weekend event focused on building business success, held in the heart of the Capital.  […]

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Precision Acquisitions Direct: ‘How we’re Helping Millennials Smash through Stereotypes’

The millennial generation has been represented less than favourably in the media, and Precision Acquisitions Direct is taking a stand. Here the sales and event marketing firm has shared why they are working with young people to break through the stereotypes. […]

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Precision Acquisitions Direct Launch Major Campaign in London Bridge

Experiential marketing experts Precision Acquisitions Direct recently launched a campaign at the newly renovated London Bridge station, for a major client in the food industry. […]

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Meet the Director: Interview With Alex Mandich of Precision Acquisitions Direct

In an exclusive interview, business owner and entrepreneur Alex Mandich reveals his secrets of success and shares insights into his business journey.  […]

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