Precision Acquisitions Direct Investigate the Key to sustaining a loyal Workforce.

Sales and marketing firm Precision Acquisitions Direct believes that it holds the secret to sustaining a workforce of motivated, ambitious, and talented future leaders. As such, the company has released a statement to encourage other business to evaluate their current employee market, what they offer to young professionals and how they plan to keep their aspiring entrepreneurs interested with their time at the organisation.   […]

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Precision Acquisitions Direct take inspiration from Roger Bannister on pushing boundaries.

Precision Acquisitions Direct have been leading their morning meetings on the power of motivation, encouraging their contractors to push boundaries and not hold themselves back with limits. The firm has been using amateur athlete Roger Bannister as inspiration, the first man in history to run a mile in under four minutes.   […]

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Want Success? Listen More. States Precision Acquisitions Direct

As experts in customer communication and entrepreneurship within the sales and marketing sector, Precision Acquisitions Direct has exclusively revealed how listening to others is central to widespread success. […]

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Precision Acquisitions Direct get inspired by best selling Grant Cardone book

This week, the London-based sales and marketing firm Precision Acquisitions Direct has taken inspiration from the internationally renowned book ‘Be Obsessed or Be Average’ written by the successful entrepreneur and best-selling author Grant Cardone. […]

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Precision Acquisitions Direct Review How Actions vs Titles Impact Leadership

Precisions Acquisitions Direct Managing Director, Alex Mandich is a strong advocate of the idea that actions speak louder than words. […]

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Precision Acquisitions Direct discuss why they are making rewards a weekly occurrence

A study highlighting the reasons SME’s offer rewards to their workforces has prompted Prevision Acquisitions Direct to release a statement on why they are offering weekly rewards and competitions to their team of young professionals. […]

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Precision Acquisitions Direct on Why Customer Service Can Make or Break a Business

Precision Acquisitions Direct has spoken out in light of a report highlighting how many businesses are missing the mark when it comes to customer service, and how this could make or break a brand.   […]

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Precision Acquisitions Direct Shares their Advice on How Entrepreneurs Can Build Confidence

In a special meeting with budding young entrepreneurs, Precision Acquisitions Direct shared their advice on how to build confidence, and why confidence is a core component for sustainable success.  […]

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Precision Acquisitions Direct Outline the Importance of Precision

Being part of their identity, Precision Acquisitions Direct is adamant that precision is central to professional success, and has released a statement on the importance of precision in the modern business world.   […]

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Precision Acquisitions Direct Attend Landmark London Event

On the 12th of February, Precision Acquisitions Direct joined industry professionals from across the UK, for a weekend event focused on building business success, held in the heart of the Capital.  […]

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