Precision Acquisitions Direct Weigh in on the Will vs Skill Debate

By | July 12th, 2018|Categories: Graduates, Workforce|

With the impending arrival of applications from college and university graduates, sales and marketing firm Precision Acquisitions Direct are keen to speak out in support of ‘will over skill’. […]

‘We’re Ideally Positioned to Offer Professionals More’ States Precision Acquisitions Direct

By | June 21st, 2018|Categories: Education, Professional Development, Success|

Alex Mandich, Managing Director of Precision Acquisitions Direct, has given an exclusive interview detailing how his background has driven his desire to help people thrive professionally, regardless of experience. […]

Precision Acquisitions Direct Reveal How It’s Using Travel to Accelerate Skills

By | June 13th, 2018|Categories: skills, Travel, Workforce|

Precision Acquisitions Direct has been running campaigns across the country these past few weeks, to provide its contractors with a crash course in campaign management and an opportunity to develop core entrepreneurial skills. […]

Review: Precision Acquisitions Direct Discuss How Businesses Are Letting Workers Down

By | May 25th, 2018|Categories: News, Workforce|

In response to research from recruitment website Totaljobs, Precision Acquisitions Direct has spoken out on what it is doing to meet the training and development needs of today’s workforce. […]

Precision Acquisitions Direct Celebrates Performance at National Ceremony

By | May 21st, 2018|Categories: Company Culture, Events|

Precision Acquisitions Direct, has released a statement on the power of performance-based rewards, after returning from a national industry celebration. […]

Precision Acquisitions Direct Discuss if Building a Community is more Important than Networking

By | May 16th, 2018|Categories: Business|

Direct sales and marketing agency Precision Acquisitions Direct have recently weighed in on the debate of whether building a community is more important than networking. The London based company; believe that although networking is an incredibly valuable tool to help businesses grow, the benefits of creating a loyal community has more significant gains. […]