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Precision Acquisitions Direct: Do you Need a Confidence Boost?

A lack of confidence can impact a person's professional progression. Sales and marketing [...]

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Precision Acquisitions Direct Attend Hometown Industry Celebration

Leading experiential marketing firm Precision Acquisitions Direct has announced in a statement that they were honoured to take part in an Annual Sales Awards in London, which welcomed sales and marketing professionals from across the UK and beyond.  […]

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Precision Acquisitions Direct: ‘Pop Up’s Are the Number One Marketing Tool Within the Food Industry’

Experiential marketing firm Precision Acquisitions Direct works in close cooperation with leading healthy eating brands and believes that pop up marketing is the only way to market a food business in the modern age.   […]

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Have Fun With Fear States Precision Acquisitions Direct

In a recent statement to young professionals, experiential marketing firm Precision Acquisitions Direct outlined how fear is an integral part of survival, and that success is dependent on people having fun and embracing their fears.   […]

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Precision Acquisitions Direct release event schedule for summer

London-based marketing specialists Precision Acquisitions Direct are looking forward to a busy summer. The firm recently shared their events schedule, which will see them take on fresh and exciting campaigns. […]

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Precision Acquisitions Direct Shares their Advice on How Entrepreneurs Can Build Confidence

In a special meeting with budding young entrepreneurs, Precision Acquisitions Direct shared their advice on how to build confidence, and why confidence is a core component for sustainable success.  […]

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Precision Acquisitions Direct: The One Characteristic Which Drives Success

Last week, London-based Precision Acquisitions Direct hosted a meeting on the power of delayed gratification and stated why all professionals need to work on building this essential characteristic. […]

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Precision Acquisitions Direct Investigate What Makes a Great Workplace

Everyone wants to feel like they are thriving in a positive working environment. Experiential marketing firm, Precision Acquisitions Direct is particularly interested in what it takes to build a positive work environment. Last week, the agency shared their research into how to engage workers and aid their development to maintain a happy and positive workplace. […]

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Precision Acquisitions Direct Outline the Importance of Precision

Being part of their identity, Precision Acquisitions Direct is adamant that precision is central to professional success, and has released a statement on the importance of precision in the modern business world.   […]

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Precision Acquisitions Direct Attend Landmark London Event

On the 12th of February, Precision Acquisitions Direct joined industry professionals from across the UK, for a weekend event focused on building business success, held in the heart of the Capital.  […]

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