Continuing its focus on lifelong learning, and the role self-development plays in success, Precision Acquisitions Direct attended a 3-day conference in London alongside the UK’s leading sales and marketing entrepreneurs.

From the 3rd to the 5th of August, sales and marketing firm Precision Acquisitions Direct spent time at a National entrepreneur conference, held close to its central London HQ. The conference brought together the very best entrepreneurs from across the UK’s sales and marketing sector – offering a springboard to share new ideas, expert advice, and discuss the foundations of successful entrepreneurship.

Since its launch, Precision Acquisitions Direct has acted as a talent incubator within the sales and marketing industry, offering workshops, mentorship and growth opportunities to its workforce so that they can advance and develop the skills to reach their long-term professional goals. The firm takes this role incredibly seriously and is adamant that attending events such as the conference is a crucial step in staying ahead of the curve and creating a positive culture of learning.

The conference hosted Q&As and expert insights into what it takes to build an organisation, effective time management, and the common mistakes that business leaders make. CEO of Precision Acquisitions Direct Alex Mandich is keen to continue his own professional education and attended the full programme of talks throughout the weekend. ‘It’s important for me to lead by example, and by attending these events and absorbing as much information as I can, I can not only pay it forward to my workforce but can inspire them to invest time into their own professional development’, states the CEO.

As a community, Precision Acquisitions Direct is passionate about getting people excited about lifelong learning, and the relationship between self-development and success. By investing in themselves, the firm believes its workforce is taking an active part of their growth and becoming more engaged with their goals. It increases their knowledge and skillset which has far-reaching benefits beyond the work environment and helps them to become more open, which can broaden their horizons and change the way they see the world around them.

Precision Acquisitions Direct is an outsourced customer acquisition specialist that bridges the gap and connects clients to their ideal audience. Specialising in face to face direct marketing the firm grows its clients market share by providing ongoing loyal customers.