In a series of rousing workshops aimed at providing young professionals with the tools to move forward in the industry, Managing Director of Precision Acquisitions Direct outlined how a greater input will create results.

To inspire the Precision Acquisitions Direct workforce, Managing Director Alex Mandich has been heading up a series of workshops on the power of input, and how perseverance can level the playing field against natural ability. The business owner and self-made entrepreneur was keen to address that people who commit wholeheartedly to increasing their input can overcome any obstacle. Even if a person has a natural talent for something, without continued investment in developing this talent, they will find it difficult to get ahead.

‘What differentiates a student with high grades is that they have a greater input, they invest more in being better,’ states Alex Mandich, Managing Director of Precision Acquisitions Direct.

Mr Mandich believes that this is a crucial lesson for young professionals seeking opportunities to move up in their industry, especially now as an influx of newly graduated job seekers enter the market. It’s not enough for graduates to display an interest in pursuing a particular industry and wait passively for the right opportunity to arise. To stand out, they need to promote their commitment to their industry and have a greater input to make things happen.

A greater input means not just reading an inspiring blog, it’s taking steps to apply that knowledge into what you do every day. It means not making excuses, and instead dedicating time to acquire new skills and focus on what’s important,’ continued the Managing Director.

Precision Acquisitions is an industry leading customer acquisitions specialist based in London. The firm is invested in supporting the professional growth of graduates, and those seeking a change of pace and regularly hold thought-provoking workshops to share essential skills and drive success.