With the coming weeks set to see an influx of young people seeking skills-building opportunities, Precision Acquisitions Direct has increased its activities to help more young people gain experience in the sales and marketing industry.

For many young people, last week marked the beginning of the summer break, and while some are preparing to return to their studies in September, a vast number will now be looking for work opportunities and taking their first steps towards professional success.

One of the most significant job market battles for young people today is a lack of experience or relevant industry knowledge, with the standards employers are setting for entry-level roles becoming increasingly difficult for the majority of young people to reach. According to research by The Princes Trust earlier this year, this is having a massive impact on young people’s self-confidence. In a survey of 2200 16 to 25-year olds, nearly one in three admitted to having to take any job they could, rather than pursue a career they had a genuine interest in, and that they felt trapped in uninspiring or directionless roles.

Precision Acquisitions Direct is committed to creating more opportunities for young people and is actively helping them to develop practical and transferable business skills. This summer the firm has explicitly been tapping into the emerging intern market. Precision Acquisitions Direct believes internships are rising in popularity for several reasons. Internships are flexible and provide unlimited scope for continued learning, something many young people are missing out on by taking more menial jobs. Internships also lay firm foundations for future opportunities, The Institute of Student Employers’ Internship Report has revealed that former interns are more likely to receive a permanent role, stay longer and outperform their peers – offering both interns and businesses increased professional security and sustainable success.

‘We’re giving young people the opportunity to learn how to represent brands, create revenue and how to teach and train others. We want to set them up for success’, outlines Alex Mandich, Managing Director at Precision Acquisitions Direct.

Through its paid business internship roles, this summer the firm will help people with no previous experience to develop marketing skills, sales techniques and leadership abilities. The firm is hopeful that these internship opportunities will help form the next generation of direct sales and marketing talent and restore faith that there are businesses out there committed to supporting young people in their quest for career success.