Precision Acquisitions Direct believes ex-servicemen and women have the crucial skills that lead to business success and has recently developed a range of opportunities so that these individuals can apply their military backgrounds within the sales and marketing sector.

London based Precision Acquisitions Direct is appealing to ex-military personnel looking for a change of direction and a new challenge to consider the fast-growing direct sales and marketing sector. The firm is confident that the skills gained in service are highly applicable to business, and that ex-service men and women possess above average leadership abilities, familiarity with routine and self-discipline, a winning mentality and a strong desire to succeed. As well as forging these foundational business skills, a military background develops abilities that are shared by the worlds greatest entrepreneurs. Launching and leading a business venture brings with it a fair amount of risk, and time spent in service teaches people how to evaluate risk and when to make the most of an opportunity.

Furthermore, those with a military background are well equipped to cope under pressure, something that many fledgling entrepreneurs struggle to do. Maintaining composure when facing the increased responsibilities of entrepreneurship and being able to prioritise multiple projects can give an aspiring entrepreneur the upper hand in a competitive industry. This was reflected in research by economist Professor Merlin Stone, who found through interviews with senior executives, that 62 percent thought business leaders with a military background perform better under pressure, and therefore are better at motivating others and defining goals.

Through its role as an incubator for aspiring sales and marketing entrepreneurs, Precision Acquisitions Direct has witnessed first hand how the above traits can accelerate success and help individuals launch and sustain their own thriving business ventures.

‘We have recently had an ex-marine join our team and make a huge impact,’ outlines Alex Mandich, Managing Director of Precision Acquisitions Direct. ‘We’re now particularly interested in meeting people from a military background so that we can support them in reaching the same level of business success’.

Every year, thousands of service men and women enter back into civilian work and are competing for jobs, many of which don’t account for their previous leadership experience or their specialist skill set. Precision Acquisitions Direct is eager to change this and create unique opportunities for these individuals to find success on their own terms and pursue entrepreneurship in a constantly evolving industry.

As such, this year Precision Acquisitions Direct is appealing to any ex-military personnel keen on applying their skills to a new industry to consider the direct sales and marketing sector. Any interested individuals should email to discuss the latest opportunities.