Alex Mandich, Managing Director of Precision Acquisitions Direct, has given an exclusive interview detailing how his background has driven his desire to help people thrive professionally, regardless of experience.

As young people across the UK prepare to enter the full time working world, Precision Acquisitions Direct, a London based sales and marketing agency is promoting the measures it’s taking to offer these individuals a clear path to professional success. Speaking last week, Managing Director Alex Mandich outlined how there is a strong culture of learning and education running through the organisation. His previous experience as a primary school teacher has had a significant impact on his desire to help others succeed. “As a teacher, you see people get excited by what they are learning, you see how new information and knowledge changes them, and it was that primary development that led me to this industry”, outlines Alex.

Alex is focused on sustaining a professional environment that provides the same level of opportunity to learn new skills and lay the foundations for business success.  Through a combination of daily workshops, mentoring, regular business trips and an extensive network of support from industry leaders, Precision Acquisitions Direct is offering self-development opportunities to all. “Everybody who comes through our doors deserves the chance to learn and succeed. Regardless of background, we promise to give everyone the same start and ensure they are treated the same. As long as they are willing to put in the effort they will thrive”, continues the Managing Director.

Precision Acquisitions Direct’s commitment to learning and Alex’s drive to help others has led to the firm attracting a strong management division of likeminded teachers. This includes an ex-personal trainer and one individual with six years’ experience of serving in the Royal Marines and an additional four years of experience as a diving instructor in Thailand. Alex is confident that there is a clear reason for this: “I loved teaching, but there is rarely room to progress, and you are always going to encounter too much seniority”. “I found that everything I was missing in teaching I could achieve in sales and marketing. It provides scope for continuous progression; that’s something that appeals to a lot of people” states Alex.

The Managing Director is eager to promote to all ambitious professionals that Precision Acquisitions Direct could be the ideal environment for them to reach their goals. While the first few steps in something new is always daunting, Alex is committed to making the resources readily available to all.

Alex: “Above all, we are a people made business, so we’re doing all we can to build opportunities and invest in people.”