Precision Acquisitions Direct has been running campaigns across the country these past few weeks, to provide its contractors with a crash course in campaign management and an opportunity to develop core entrepreneurial skills.

Precision Acquisitions Direct has been conducting its client’s brand campaigns in multiple locations across England; the firm has revealed this week.

As well as heading up operations in London, the firm has embarked on a series of campaign road trips, with crews of between seven and ten individuals travelling to Birmingham, Grimsby and Hatfield to set up new direct marketing projects.

Precision Acquisitions Direct is adamant that these trips are beneficial to both its clients and its contractors. From a client perspective, trips to new territories can widen a brand’s market reach and open it up to entirely new customer demographics. What’s more, should a new territory generate a high return, then this offers scope for permanent expansion to that region in the future which could lead to a client becoming a market leader.

For its contractors, Precision Acquisitions Direct believes these experiences to be invaluable to professional development, as they can help sharpen business skills that can last a lifetime.

Precision Acquisitions Direct’s Managing Director Alex Mandich believes taking part in a campaign road trip gives individuals an equal chance to step up and work under their own initiative. It primarily provides a crash course in every aspect of running a successful direct marketing campaign, which is crucial to professional development. ‘I like to think of these trips in the same way as learning to drive. Taking lessons over a long period isn’t as effective as taking an intensive course. Our campaign trips offer an accelerated learning opportunity which keeps the mind engaged and is the fastest way to learn essential business skills’, outlined the Managing Director.

Precision Acquisitions Direct will be organising further trips throughout the remainder of 2018, to support the development of its people and the success of its clients’ brands.