In response to research from recruitment website Totaljobs, Precision Acquisitions Direct has spoken out on what it is doing to meet the training and development needs of today’s workforce.

According to the research which surveyed 2,500 people, two out of three workers in the UK have changed jobs because of a lack of training or development opportunities. Furthermore, the same percentage of workers also believe training to be more important today than it was two years ago.

While encouraged by the results of the survey, Precision Acquisitions Direct thinks that this showcases just how little businesses are willing to invest in training.

“This research shows that today’s workers are willing to upskill and develop their abilities. However, many businesses are still complaining of a skills gap. Offering training to these willing individuals will close this gap and develop more loyal workforces. However, a large proportion of businesses seem reluctant to consider this option,” outlines a spokesperson from Precision Acquisitions Direct.

Precision Acquisitions Direct is a rapidly growing direct marketing agency, and keen to meet client demand, is currently looking to add to its workforce. The agency believes that most skills can be taught, and therefore offers opportunities to people with or without previous marketing experience.

Providing full support and guidance on its clients’ products and sales processes, relationship management, time management and leadership, Precision Acquisitions Direct has created a no seniority culture where everyone is given an equal shot at success within the industry, as long as they have a positive attitude and willingness to learn.

The agency believes that in the run-up to the graduate season, offering opportunities that are open to everyone is an unbeatable way of sourcing raw talent.

“Graduates can get turned away from roles because they lack experience or real workplace skills, yet often they possess something more valuable; a student mentality and an enthusiasm for success. These attributes signal that an individual has the potential to be fantastic, so you need to give them an environment that inspires and pushes them,” concludes Precision Acquisitions Direct.