Precision Acquisitions Direct, has released a statement on the power of performance-based rewards, after returning from a national industry celebration.

On the weekend of the 12th of May, Precision Acquisitions Direct took to London’s Southbank for a national celebration of achievements within the sales and marketing sector. The ceremony saw two individuals from Precision Acquisitions Direct receive recognition from a UK board of industry experts, taking home the ‘Rising Star’ award for Promising new industry talent, and the ‘Top Performer’ award, which shines a light on those willing to go above and beyond the industry norm.

Precision Acquisitions Direct was thrilled to see two of its own receive well-deserved recognition in a national arena and has spoken out on how this form of celebration aligns with the company’s core beliefs.

‘As a company, we believe in providing recognition of performance and offering a meritocratic environment. A person’s progression is only ever dictated by their effort and willingness to learn. As a result, when one of our people has achieved a professional milestone, we go the extra mile to celebrate that success,’ outlines the firm’s Managing Director Alex Mandich.

The firm is adamant that creating a culture free from seniority and where progression is based purely on performance has been its key driver for growth and positive reputation among its clients. Rewarding individuals for their effort has been proven time and time again to increase workforce engagement and people’s commitment to achieving professional goals. ‘Reward and recognition is a journey, not a destination. Any action or accomplishment that has a positive impact should be celebrated as it raises that person’s confidence and momentum. I believe by doing this; we are giving our people the edge.’ Concludes the Managing Director.