Direct sales and marketing agency Precision Acquisitions Direct believe that veterans have all the credentials needed to become successful entrepreneurs. The London based firm believe they have a lot to give to the world of business when they return to life on Civvy Street. That is why the firm is actively looking to recruit and mentor these individuals within the firm.

The world today is fast-paced, with the rise of technology, competitive markets and results of globalisation, becoming an entrepreneur is a challenging task. Quite often success comes from the experiences individuals have had in other walks of life. A veteran from the armed forces is a candidate that already possess many of the skills need to be successful, they defend their country at all costs not willing to give up, and they are inspiring members of the community. These two traits alone set them apart from most, the unwavering desire to overcome challenges and the respect of those around them.

Furthermore, veterans are risk takers; they exude self-confidence, possess high levels of motivation and determination and their time management skills are far superior to most, these are all valuable resources both on the battlefield and within a business. While those that have gone through the higher education systems are taught the fundamentals of understanding theory; veterans, however, learn through applying the skills they have acquired through real life and often incredibly challenging circumstances. Pair veterans unique appreciation of life, the ability to think and react quickly and come out the other end on top make veterans particularly well suited for entrepreneurship.

If you are a veteran or are looking to leave the armed forces in pursuit of a new career that is fun, fast-paced and challenging, then Precision Acquisitions Direct could be the right environment for you to grow within the business world. The firm understands that not everyone has masses amounts of experience under their belts, that’s why the firm offers a fantastic mentoring scheme that provides a personalised one-to-one development pathway with an industry professional. Furthermore, the firm hosts regular workshops on various topics as well as teaching new skills. The firm also offers fantastic networking opportunities and is fully committed to helping build the future business leaders of tomorrow.

Precision Acquisitions Direct specialise in providing quality direct marketing solutions. The firm personally connects with their clients to understand what they want to get out of their marketing campaigns. They then incorporate their bespoke requirements and take them directly to the public.

Precision Acquisitions Direct offers a very bespoke and unique marketing technique. As specialists in direct marketing, they have to differentiate themselves from traditional forms of marketing in order to provide a tailored approach to establish a long-lasting connection with consumers. To do this, they believe in connecting face-to-face with consumers, which enables them to build rapport and form unique bonds with consumers, as a by-product they are then able to deliver the best service possible. The precision of their approach is what allows them to provide on-going results and ROI to clients every time.