Direct sales and marketing firm Precision Acquisitions Direct have devised a list of must-have traits for any successful leader. The London based firm recently held a workshop for its contractors and staff to discuss what it means to be a successful leader and what traits you need.

With a new generation taking over the workforce, leadership styles have seen a shift in recent years. As baby boomers and the veteran generation begin to take up their retirement, the same can be said for the military style of management which serves no place in today’s working world as a viable leadership style.

Modern leaders have a number of key traits, such as:

They have incredibly high EQ (Emotional Intelligence):

Long gone are the days where having a high IQ would serve you well for being a good leader. We are now seeing a shift in those with a strong level of EQ being the best leaders in the modern workforce. Having the ability to sense, appreciate and effectively apply the power and insight of emotions that are going to enable and ignite much higher levels of collaboration and productivity.

Having higher levels of EQ will allow managers to tinker with their moods and behaviours to have a much more favourable impact on the way others work. Furthermore, it will help leaders recognise and draw out any potential conflict with their employees as well as assisting them to solve the problem by offering empathy or additional resources as and when needed.

They are fantastic communicators:

People are sensitive to the way others communicate particularly about themselves. But less so when it comes to the way around.

Developing excellent communications skills is much more than just being proficient at writing or speaking. It is the ability to change the way you communicate with individuals particularly the person that is receiving the message you are trying to convey.

Great interpersonal skills:

A good leader with fantastic interpersonal skills understands that not everyone is the same and can treat everyone as an individual. This leader will try to look at every situation from the perspective of another; they will be able to use empathy when needed as well.

Leaders with excellent interpersonal skills can also help build and form significant relationships with their teams by encouraging others to be understanding and thoughtful. These types of leaders will also show sensitivity to issues in diversity,  as well as celebrate distinctions and help facilitate relationships among those who may be different.

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