With the number of university graduates up compared to previous generations its key for firms to differentiate themselves from others, in order to attract the top talent. Outsourced sales and marketing firm Precision Acquisition Direct understand this and have devised a three-step plan for attracting the brightest graduates to their company.  

London Based outsourced sales and marketing firm Precision Acquisitions Direct focus solely on delivering personalised direct marketing campaigns directly to consumers in order to generate a high return on investment for their clients. The firm believes that personalised marketing is the most efficient way to increase results. They work closely with clients to establish their goals, as well as testing several markets before unveiling the final personalised marketing campaigns directly to consumers. 

In order to be able to produce the most effective campaigns for their clients, the firm needs to be able to attract the best talent around and particularly recent fresh-faced graduates looking to become the next business leaders of tomorrow. It’s widely understood now that unfortunately; the graduate job market has become saturated. New graduates will often add new vitality to a company that is difficult to quantify. They’re incredibly motivated to prove themselves early on, they bring innovative ideas, fantastic problems solving skills (particularly in a digital world) but how do you attract them?  

Here is Precision Acquisition Directs three steps to attract the brightest recent graduates:  

1.) Create a company culture that is compelling:  

Performance has a direct correlation to a sense of purpose. A recent report stated one-third of millennial view their employer’s purpose as key-factor in making their jobs important. However, only 40% felt a valued connection to the mission and culture of the company they work for.  

To inspire employees, leaders must set a good example from the top of the hierarchy and make a conscious effort to cultivate the desired values in employees. This can be achieved through regular communication.  

2.) DO NOT mistake a need for work-life balance as a lack of ambition  

Millennials are becoming one of the first generations that look for a good work-life balance at the top of all job characteristics, opportunities for promotions and career advancements was ranked second. A 2016 Deloitte study showed this generation, have on the whole, better grades and degrees compared to previous when then enter the job market. They have a strong desire to be able to climb the ladder based on how well they are doing within their role.  

Making recent graduates feel important by bringing them into high profile meetings and allowing them to be able to discuss their views. It’s also important to show your intent to these graduates, that you’re willing to invest in them. Sit down with them, and develop a development/career plan. This will help them be in charge of the direction they want to take their careers.  

3.) Authenticity is key!  

If an employee fully believes in the company and organisation they are at, they will go above and beyond in order to prove themselves. However, they can often see if there is a lack of transparency and authenticity. A study showed that over 41% of the current workforce would prioritise working for a company that is genuinely making a positive impact. However, this figure rises when amongst millennial to 62%. It’s arguably a factor they value more than making money.  

Therefore, it’s essential for an organisation to be demonstrating such a commitment that goes beyond any generic employee handbook.  

Precision Acquisitions Direct help their new contractors with through three key aspects. They offer one-to-one mentoring with industry professionals and leaders; this will help them iron out any issues they have as well as help develop a program that will ensure they are on the right track to become the industry leaders of tomorrow. In addition to that, they offer regular workshops that cover a range of relevant topics that will help their new additions to become the best they can be. Furthermore, they will offer fantastic networking opportunities. 


Source: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/306931