Precision Acquisitions Direct discuss their four most important productivity tips that will help 2018 be your most successful year yet. The direct sales and marketing specialists are advocates of entrepreneurship, offering a development program to develop the next generation of business owners.  

The firm wants to share their four biggest productivity tips to utilise this year to help you grow over the next 12 months:  

1.) Map out your time 

A lot of people have to-do lists, but they’re often way too big, and nothing on those lists ever get accomplished. It’s important to block out time in your schedule to complete those tasks; it’s such a simple concept but one that is incredible power.  

It’s also important during the blocked-out time to focus solely on the task at hand, turn off your phone, don’t check emails. Get it done.  

2.) Order your work based on importance 

Tackle your most significant tasks first, before you do anything else on your list. If you get these tasks done in the morning while you’re fresh, by scheduling your most important tasks of the day first, you set the tone for the rest of the day, and your business will move forward at a steady pace.  

3.) Multitask, but do it appropriately   

Not often does multitasking actually work. You’re tackling each task and completing them less effectively than if they were done individually. You’ll constantly be switch back and forth between the different tasks and that time will take up a significant portion of your day. Focus on one task at a time.  

4.) Implement the powers of process 

Think of everything as a processor system. Everything can either be documented, repeated or outsourced. Making everything a process makes it much easier to implement the latter, using a virtual assistant can take 80% of the workload off your hands allowing you to focus on more pressing tasks.  

London Based, Precision Acquisitions Direct specialise in providing quality, direct marketing solutions. The firm personally connects with their clients to understand what they want to get out of their marketing campaigns. They then incorporate their bespoke requirements and take them directly to the public.