Sales and marketing firm Precision Acquisitions Direct believes that it holds the secret to sustaining a workforce of motivated, ambitious, and talented future leaders. As such, the company has released a statement to encourage other business to evaluate their current employee market, what they offer to young professionals and how they plan to keep their aspiring entrepreneurs interested with their time at the organisation.  

Precision Acquisitions Direct specialise in offering direct sales and marketing campaigns to their plethora of clients. The firm is based in London and as such, every day with the company provides new and exciting challenges. Precision Acquisitions Direct offers a variety of opportunities to their young professionals through their detailed business development programme. The firm has described how they provide a considerable amount of opportunities to learn, develop and progress to driven and dynamic individuals that can portray themselves as self-starters.  

A recent study by a high-profile employment site has found that one of the most significant factors that drive individuals to ‘job hop’ is becoming bored and stagnated with their current roles. Researchers found that poor progression opportunities and little to no company culture are the prime aspects that contribute to talented professionals deciding to leave for another company. Along with more senior job titles, professionals are seeking pay rises along with their new roles, due to their significantly higher levels of responsibility and additional tasks.  

Precision Acquisitions Direct is continuing to meet these requirements within their own company culture. The firm offers fast-track progression in which hard-working and efficient contractors can progress their career with speed, to eventually have tools and opportunity to begin their businesses. The company details how their culture is built on rewarding achievement, often bringing their contractors together through social team nights, daily motivational meetings, and company-wide activities.  

The firm has a strong history and experience of young professionals that show a desire to learn new skills and take on new challenges. Precision Acquisitions Direct has found that contractors at the firm thrive on this environment, and as such, they can build a stable and dynamic workforce moving into 2018.