Precision Acquisitions Direct, a leading sales and marketing expert, believes that authenticity is the most telling thing when it comes to assessing if a candidate is the right fit for a business. 

As specialists in providing quality, direct marketing solutions for their clients, London-based Precision Acquisitions Direct connect with their client’s customers on a personal level to understand individual needs and offer a first-class buying experience.  The in-person marketing methods used by Precision Acquisitions Direct enables them to build a rapport and form unique relationships with customers.  

A new study has found that being authentic to one’s true self is the best way of making a positive impression in a job interview.  The study examined more than 1200 job seekers and found that 51% of those deemed ‘high-quality’ were fortunate in being given a position, which then increased to 73% for those that also demonstrated a high drive to self-verify.   The study found that for most candidates, the ability to present the best version of themselves at an interview will most likely secure them the job, whereas, the top 10% of candidates are encouraged to show who they are.  

Precision Acquisitions Direct believe that individuals with a tendency to exhibit a self-verifying behaviour come across as more genuine.   Being genuine, together with authentic is a significant value for Precision Acquisitions Direct; the firm values attitude, outlook, and willingness to learn as opposed to qualifications and experience.  This is because the firm believes it gives a clearer picture as to whether an individual will be suited to the competitive nature of the industry and the culture of the company.  

Precision Acquisitions Direct have worked hard to build a secure network of marketing professionals who, due to their range of skills and experiences, work well together to make a lasting impression on their client’s customers. The firm is a small business with a big vision, therefore always have opportunities arising for the right individual looking for a way to make themselves a success through hard work and determination. 

For those individuals looking for a successful career, in a fun and hard-working environment, they should contact Precisions Acquisitions Direct