Precision Acquisitions Direct have been leading their morning meetings on the power of motivation, encouraging their contractors to push boundaries and not hold themselves back with limits. The firm has been using amateur athlete Roger Bannister as inspiration, the first man in history to run a mile in under four minutes.  

The company consistently aims to inspire its workforce; the latest figure of motivation is no exception. Roger Bannister was the first athlete to run a mile in under four minutes, in 1954 at the Oxford Iffley road track. Bannister was told up until this point that the feat was impossible, a word Precision Acquisitions Direct are keen to irradiate at the company. The achievement broke a staggering amount of records: Track Record, British Native Record, British All-Comers Record, European Record, Commonwealth Record, and World Record.  

Precision Acquisitions Direct have taken a variety of lessons from Bannister’s impressive feat that they are keen to instil within their contractors as motivation for their personal challenges within the sales and marketing sector.  

Impossible does not exist: The firm is keen to encourage this ethos within their employees, by setting targets that may seem astronomical at the time of inception. Employees are encouraged to aim higher than ever before; goals that may seem impossible are seen as a challenge. Anything is possible.  

Mind over Matter: The firm understands that mindset plays a huge role in the working day, a positive mindset provides positive results. Precision Acquisitions Direct are eager to encourage their young professionals in every way they can, promoting a positive thinking company culture.  

The importance of teamwork: Bannister credits his success as a team effort, ensuring it would not have been possible without his coach and teammates. Precision Acquisitions Direct is keen to encourage this within the company, by helping to create a team environment. The firm supports their workforce to bond, to create a productive environment, and the ability for their contractors to learn from not only management but also one another.  

The London based direct marketing agency specialises in personalised campaigns that produce measurable results.  The firm is consistently using experimental marketing where possible to ensure that the company stays at the forefront of the industry. Precision Acquisitions Direct consistently encourages their workforce to challenge their self-development; motivation is often at the forefront of their morning meetings.