As experts in customer communication and entrepreneurship within the sales and marketing sector, Precision Acquisitions Direct has exclusively revealed how listening to others is central to widespread success.

As an experiential marketing firm that finds personalised marketing solutions for their client’s business, Precision Acquisitions are experts in communication and have been using this skill to drive their success. The company utilises their talents in communication through face-to-face marketing techniques where they engage with consumers directly. The direct communication that the firm has with customers results in a comprehensive understanding of each customer’s unique requirements. This in-depth knowledge of individual needs produces a first class buying experience.

A recent study published in American Psychologist has found that better communication comes when people listen correctly and that it’s cued in people’s voices, as opposed to looking out for facial expressions, which reveal more about how a person is feeling. The study ran a course of five experiments, testing different combinations of auditory and visual communications. All of the trials showed that when people only heard another person’s speech, they were able to pick up on their emotions better than if they had facial cues to go with it.

As specialists in face-to-face communication, Precision Acquisitions Direct believes that this insight into communications tactics is a key to more considerable success in life because it leads to stronger connections, more opportunities, and a significant level of happiness.  When one can communicate ideas efficiently, at the same time, listening to feedback, then they have more chance of success.

The firm goes on to state that listening is essential to be able to communicate appropriately with someone because it is essential to consider what is being said to be able to understand the point that has been communicated fully.  In the sales and marketing industry, the ability to listen to individual consumer requirements is a critical part of the marketing process, because it impacts how their team can provide a tailored solution.  Precision Acquisitions conclude that working in their industry is an excellent environment for people to improve their listening skills to lay a foundation for success later in life.