Precisions Acquisitions Direct Managing Director, Alex Mandich is a strong advocate of the idea that actions speak louder than words. For him, it is not the title that makes the leader but the actions they take to prove their authority.

Precision Acquisitions Direct remind their contractors that the most successful individuals are great leaders, using examples of famous sports people and business owners to inspire their contractors. Through their business development opportunity, Precision Acquisitions Direct hope they can teach their contractors the foundations of solid leadership.  This week they have been focusing on a number of actions professionals can take to shape themselves into the leaders they want to be:

Value every relationship

Precision Acquisitions Direct believe that regardless of whether their professionals are a new recruit or senior partner, the firm reminds their workforce that there is a person behind every job title and that person represents a key part of the business as a whole.

Share credit

Everyone loves accomplishing a goal. But, in the sales and marketing industry, these goals are not usually achieved by one individual, but the team as a whole. Alex Mandich recently stated that contractors must remember “your team worked alongside you, make your team look good and they will give you more respect”

Never say no

Leaders are usually “yes” people. So, Precision Acquisitions advise their professionals to chip in with whatever needs to be done even if it isn’t their responsibility.

Think about people’s needs before your own

If people are striving for respect, Precision Acquisitions suggest that they put the needs of others before their own. When thinking back on his time within the industry Alex Mandich cited the time his mentor purchased everyone a take out after a long day of work. He remembers how this small act kindness secured his image of his mentor as a leader.

Moving forward Alex Mandich hopes his team will take some valuable information from this week’s focus on actions over titles. He wants to see each one of his workers develop as individuals and hopes they will one day transform into leaders of their own.


About the firm

Precision Acquisitions Direct based in London who focus on delivering precise marketing activity in order to deliver top quality measurable results for their clients. They use a face to face marketing technique in order to provide their clients with a guaranteed ROI on their investment.