London Based Precision Acquisitions Direct has always been committed to offering its workforce as many new experiences as possible. Here the experiential marketing agency has outlined how this is helping them drive results and create a stable community within the organisation. 

The experiential marketing firm, Precision Acquisitions Direct delivers a personalised marketing solution for their clients.  By using face-to-face marketing campaigns, the company can directly engage with consumers to gain a comprehensive understanding of their unique requirements and at the same time delivering a first-class consumer buying experience. The firm is currently running a major campaign which is taking them across the UK and to many huge events, such as Grand Designs Live in London, and This Morning Live in partnership with ITV,

The firm believes these high-profile events together with the fun of their current campaign is having a huge impact on their workforce’s motivation.  Precision Acquisitions Direct has observed how a change of environment and the excitement of taking part in these events is keeping engagement high and driving great results for their clients.

Precision Acquisitions Direct is further creating a winning culture by offering their contractors a wealth of opportunities to try new things and take on challenges via a range of companywide activities and events.  The organisation recently went to the BFI on London’s Southbank for a company night out; the aim of this event was to bring everyone together. Plus, the firm attended an inspirational business conference to help inspire their workforce to aim higher and take their professional progression to the next level.

But it’s not all about rewards, trips and events that nurture a winning company culture.  Precision Acquisitions Direct work on creating an inclusive learning environment through listening to their workforce, supporting their team through regular training workshops and seminars plus they encourage individual’s professional development to be on-going. This working environment, together with exciting campaigns and regular trips and events generates a cohesive working culture, where everyone is pulling in the same direction to ensure company growth and success.