In response to their current growth plans and increasing client demand, Precision Acquisitions Direct is in the process of building their workforce. Here the firm discusses why when it comes to finding the best candidates, attitude is everything. 

As the summer gets underway, Precision Acquisitions Direct is looking to get ahead of the crowd and build on their existing workforce.  Client demand and growth strategies have identified a need for the firm to increase their contracted sales force.  Precision Acquisitions Direct focus solely on delivering personalised direct marketing campaigns straight to their consumers and through this, they generate a high return on investment for their clients. Based in London, the firm works closely with your customers to deliver a personalised direct marketing campaign; the personalised nature of the business model used by Precision Acquisitions Direct improves the customer experience and as a result, increases brand loyalty for their client’s brand. 

Often businesses are looking for candidates with vast industry experience or high-level qualifications. However, Precision Acquisitions are confident their competition are missing out on some of the sector’s highest potential candidates. A fresh mind is coachable, open to learning and adaptive to change.  In the business model and industry, these are essential characteristics for success and will be used to assess suitability for all opportunities within the firm.  Precision Acquisitions Direct have experienced great success this year by coaching the importance of achieving and maintaining a great attitude, this has dramatically improved the company’s ability to produce consistently high results for their clients. 

Precision Acquisitions Direct reveals how to boost attitude in three easy steps: 

  1. Self-Coaching Through Affirmations – Repetition is key to making the process automated over time.  Using words that convey power, conviction and faith boost confidence and powers of capability.  When tackling a challenging project, it is important to mentally reaffirm personal ability to complete the task at hand well.
  2. The Power of Visualisation – visualising success is something that athletes and entrepreneurs can benefit from.  The self-belief strategy gathers strength as a person imagines winning, the feel, the sense of achievement and the benefits of peers witnessing success.
  3. Enthusiasm: Vital Tool for Staying Motivated – being enthusiastic to get started on a project, demonstrates a willingness to embrace challenges, overcome obstacles and maintain a positive outlook.  An enthusiastic approach is an excellent way to boost external interest in getting involved, and this will help get the job done quicker with a more hands-on task.

Precision Acquisitions Direct is committed to maintaining the emphasis on achieving a good attitude and will continue to run workshops on the topic.