On Sunday the 11th of June, the managing director of Precision Acquisitions Direct welcomed the UK’s best sales and marketing professionals to London, where he delivered an important speech on setting goals and why ambition shouldn’t start and end in the workplace. 

Based in the heart of London Precision Acquisitions Direct is an experiential marketing agency that focuses on creating memorable and personalised brand experiences. Through their specially developed pop-up marketing campaigns, the firm works on behalf of brands to meet with consumers and deliver a service which is tailored to their unique needs. This approach raises their clients’ brand awareness, market reach, customer loyalty and weekly ROI.

Last weekend, the firm’s managing director Alex Mandich took his expertise to the masses – speaking at a national conference at the Lancaster Hotel in London. The conference invited professionals from all levels within the sales and marketing industry to come together to learn new skills and strategies to further success.

Alex Mandich was asked to speak at the event due to his success as a business owner and entrepreneur, which has seen him steer the firm towards becoming one of London’s leading sales and marketing companies. Revealing details of his success, Mr Mandich spoke about how success doesn’t start and end in the workplace and how business leaders utilise their weekends to get ahead of the competition.

‘Sunday is the ideal time to plan for success. Professionals need to kickstart their week before it begins and have a solid plan of action in place’ stated Mr Mandich. ‘Use Sunday to think about what you want to accomplish over the next five days, to consider what you need to do and who you need to reach out to to make your goals happen.’

Precision Acquisitions Direct is always encouraging their workforce of young professionals to utilise their weekends to increase their success. Through planning, experiencing new things and committing to self-development the firm is confident professionals can gain a significant advantage over the competition.