In a recent statement to young professionals, experiential marketing firm Precision Acquisitions Direct outlined how fear is an integral part of survival, and that success is dependent on people having fun and embracing their fears.  

Precision Acquisitions Direct is London’s most exciting experiential marketing firm – offering brands effective pop-up marketing services which are specifically tailored to each client’s personal objectives. Working closely with their clients, the company can deliver eye-catching pop-up campaigns which give consumers a platform from which to get to know brands face to face and build longer lasting connections.

Due to the hands-on nature of their campaigns, Precision Acquisition Direct works predominantly with young professionals and in exchange for their hard work and enthusiasm, offers a range of exciting development opportunities. These opportunities range from one on one mentoring, national and international travel and ongoing skills workshops – all designed to support the professional growth of the firm’s workforce and help them make roots in the industry.

To ensure each young person they work with can pursue their professional goals to the fullest Precision Acquisitions Direct recently released a statement on the impact fear has on progress and how professionals must combat fear to fulfil their potential. The firm was eager to outline that everyone feels fear, however battling this fear is central to success. ‘As long as you are in the driving seat and making choices that will determine your future, you will feel fear; it is a natural part of our physiology and psychology when facing with the unknown. However, it is a great indicator that something is worth doing.’ Stated Precision Acquisitions Direct.

The firm outlined that success is dependent on people using this fear, rather than letting the fear use them and shared that to succeed; professionals need to start having fun with their fears. ‘The first step is to accept that fear is just a reaction, it’s how you deal with it that actually influences a situation. If you choose to be courageous and face it, you will be rewarded with accomplishment, which will help you to combat future fear faster’ outlined Precision Acquisitions Direct.

The firm states that people often fall victim to fear because they are unwilling to adapt, they want great things to happen but are not ready to leave their comfort zones or take on tasks they deem too difficult. As a result, they spend their lives avoiding risks. Success comes to those who accept they are in control, and this control gives them the opportunity to have fun with their fears. ‘When you have an open, ready for anything mindset you instantly attract the kind of positive experiences you need to move forward.’ outlines Precision Acquisitions Direct. ‘the best way to make the most of these opportunities and face risk with confidence is to create a game plan, write down the rewards you stand to gain by confronting a particular fear and getting excited about it, this is the root of unstoppable success, especially in competitive industries.’