In the wake of new marketing and sales technologies, sales and marketing firm Precision Acquisitions Direct have outlined why their experiential marketing approach is guaranteed to generate results.

London-based sales and direct marketing company Precision Acquisitions Direct got their name through their ability to deliver top-quality results and meet client requirements with precision and accuracy. Unlike many marketing start-ups Precision Acquisitions Direct’s power lies in their collective experience within the industry, and their refusal to take a back seat when it comes to delivering innovative marketing solutions. The firm specialises in personalised, face to face marketing techniques which take brands directly to consumers and paves the way for more honest and meaningful communication between brands and their target audiences. The firm has recognised that in today’s technology-heavy world consumers are crying out for opportunities to connect with brands in person and since their launch, has seen a constant demand for their services.

Precision Acquisitions Direct’s in person approach is commonly known as experiential marketing and works by engaging consumers and inviting them to delve deeper into a brand. Unlike more traditional marketing experiences where consumers are kept at arm’s length, experiential marketing encourages consumers to become part of a brand and not only develop a relationship with it, but actively play a role in the brand’s evolution. Precision Acquisitions Direct believes that immersive brand experiences are becoming increasingly rare and have recognised a hugely positive response from the customers they meet through this form of marketing.

Experiential marketing offers customers a platform like no other, where they are free to voice their concerns, ask questions and receive instant, one on one attention from a knowledgeable brand representative. Precision Acquisitions Direct firmly believes that when it comes to driving brand loyalty and closing sales – these personalised interactions are crucial. All too often customers struggle to access the support they need from a brand before entering the buying process, which can have a significant impact on their decision to buy. Experiential marketing offers customers a no strings attached opportunity to build trust with a brand and fully understand how a brand’s products and services could meet with their individual requirements. Rather than feeling like a sales statistic, Experiential marketing leaves the customer feeling valued and shows that a brand cares and respects their consumer’s individual differences.

Since their establishment, Precision Acquisitions Direct has used experiential marketing solutions to help their clients increase brand engagement and create meaningful customer experiences. After successfully launching a new campaign in London Bridge recently, the firm is more confident than ever that there is a growing need for more personal brand interactions. As such, Precision Acquisitions Direct has committed growth in 2017 and is working on strategies to help them become market leaders in Experiential marketing in London.