After confidence among small businesses took a nose dive post-Brexit vote, sales and marketing experts Precision Acquisition Direct are pleased to see reports that confidence is once again on the up in the run-up to the festive period.

Post Brexit vote, the feeling among the small business community was fairly gloomy, with the majority of business owners concerned about an uncertain future, and unsure whether Theresa May could really help them seize opportunities to grow their businesses. However, a recent report by The Smith & Williamson Enterprise Index has suggested that confidence within the small business community is starting to recover. The index found that 73 percent of business owners are now feeling confident in their own prospects for the next 12 months, pointing to a brighter future for small businesses in the UK.

While nothing has changed from a practical point of view, small business owners and entrepreneurs seem to be adapting to the uncertainty of a future away from the EU and are looking for new ways to grow their enterprises within new regions of the UK. More than half if the respondents to the index shared that they are expecting to increase the size of their workforces over the next few months, while 75 percent of businesses are planning for growth or acquisition over the coming year.

Precision Acquisitions Direct are extremely pleased with the results of the index and are happy to learn that SMEs are not letting political uncertainty stand in the way of their success. With the festive period around the corner, the firm believes it to be crucial that businesses switch their focus from Brexit negativity to growth, and make the most of what is by far the busiest time of year regarding sales and customer acquisition.

With this new found positivity, Precision Acquisitions Direct are calling for businesses to get ahead and start the new year on a high by implementing effective sales and marketing solutions during the festive period. As experts in face to face marketing and sales, the firm is confident that face to face customer interactions could significantly increase Christmas sales and overall confidence moving into 2017. Unlike more traditional marketing methods, face to face marketing forge stronger customer relationships by providing a tailored, memorable brand experience. This drives brand engagement and increases customer loyalty – creating stable foundations for future business growth and development.

Precision Acquisitions Direct focus solely on delivering personalised face to face marketing campaigns directly to consumers to generate a high return on investment for their diverse range of clients. The firm works closely with their clients to establish their goals and understand their values, they then go on to test several markets before unveiling their personalised pop-up marketing campaigns directly to consumers. The firm has found time and time again that focusing on the customer experience and delivering a personalised service significantly increases their clients’ overall sales, and helps them to gain a substantial advantage over their competitors.