In a recent seminar with young industry professionals, Precision Acquisitions Direct shared why, when reaching for success, it’s important for people to move through the ‘change curve’ and ride the rollercoaster of blame and acceptance.

The Change Curve is a popular and incredibly useful model used by professionals to understand the stages of personal transition and change. As well as being used by organisations to predict how people will react to change, it is also a powerful tool for those pursuing entrepreneurship – as it allows them to track their progress and map out exactly what they need to do to move forward and explore their new realities.

Precision Acquisitions Direct, a leading London agency for outsourced sales and marketing solutions believe that due to the nature of entrepreneurship, understanding how to use the change curve to track progress can directly impact professional success. The root of entrepreneurial success is change itself, and the greatest achievements are only ever the results of major leaps of faith and transformative decisions. The firm is adamant that understanding the change curve will help budding entrepreneurs move through the core stages of the curve faster and becoming more accepting of change in their professional and personal lives.

The first stage or quadrant of the change curve reflects people’s initial response to change. At the very start of this stage, people often have high morale and a positive mood as news of a change can cause a boost of adrenaline. However, this quickly diminishes into feelings of shock, denial and scepticism. In the second quadrant, people often see their morale and mood decrease further, due to frustration and resistance to the change happening around them. In this stage, at the lowest point in this stage people are also prone to blame, either of themselves or who or what they believe to be the root cause of the change. This stage can also generate feelings of self-pity when a person doubts their abilities to cope with change. Moving forward through the curve to the third quadrant, mood and morale begin to slowly rise, as people begin to explore the change they are experiencing, before finally reaching the final quadrant, where overall mood and morale are restored and the change is accepted and integrated into their lives.

Upon reaching the final stage of the change curve people commit to their new situation, goals become clearer, and they move from self-absorption to being able to collaborate with others and being open to future change. This, Precision Acquisition Direct believes, is the key to succeeding in business. The firm believes that over time, this adaptation and exploration of new behaviours and ideas will become habitual, making future changes exciting and less disruptive.

The firm is keen to support the professional development of their young workforce and is confident that sharing this useful tool with them will help them progress through their own unique professional journeys. Precision Acquisitions Direct were keen for their workforce to understand that  feelings of confusion, frustration and blame are normal when faced with change, however, the key to coping with and implementing positive changes lies in being able to transition from the blame stage to acceptance. How this is done, and the speed at which people move through the curve varies from person to person, however the firm were keen to address that if an individual is struggling to move out of the first two stages, it’s worth remembering that at the end of the journey they will emerge with an improved mood and greater satisfaction. Visualising the positive impacts of change can also help build momentum.

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