Research reveals that less than 30 percent of today’s workforce is engaged in the company they work for. London-based direct-marketing specialist Precision Acquisitions Direct insists that great leadership is the key to a successful business and explains how they aim to make a difference by adding a personal touch.

A survey undertaken by Gallup shows that only one in three individuals feel engaged at work. Precision Acquisitions Direct says: “It is crucial for organisations to look after their people. A happy workforce leads to increased productivity and retention rates.” Precision Acquisitions Direct recognises that strong leadership sets the foundation for a prosperous business. It encourages innovation, increased revenue and business growth.

According to Precision Acquisitions Direct, leadership is all about connecting with people and offering the support needed to encourage their personal development. Today’s workforce wants to feel organisational pride but also be valued for their individual accomplishments. Instead of bossing people around, Precision Acquisitions Direct suggests to make friends with people and bond with them. Such a personal touch can make all the difference.

Great leaders provide feedback on the spot when the situation occurs, rather than months later in an annual performance review. “Coaching people hand-on is such a fantastic opportunity to build a great working relationship. People really do value feedback and want their leader to be approachable, share a laugh with them and learn from them,” explains Precision Acquisitions Direct. In addition to that, the firm insists that companies must aim to encourage their workforce to share feedback and inspire them to propose and try their own ideas. “Great leaders basically know how to keep their workforce excited and engaged, simply by showing how much they care and providing a personal touch to everything they do,” adds Precision Acquisitions Direct.

It is no secret that an engaged workforce is crucial to drive business success. Not only does it lead to increased productivity, it boosts innovation and customer retention. A happy workforce has a direct impact on the customer experience. Precision Acquisitions Direct explains: “We encourage people to build the same bond they have with us with our customers in order to provide that unique experience, that personal touch.”

Based in London, Precision Acquisitions Direct is an outsourced direct-marketing organisation that raises brand awareness on behalf of their clients and promotes and sells their products and services throughout London.