In a bid to share the secrets of business success with young professionals, Precision Acquisitions Direct has reviewed the differences between a ‘growth mindset’ and a ‘fixed mindset’ and how these mental states directly influence success.

Precision Acquisitions Direct firmly believes that if a person imagines less, they will without a doubt achieve less in their lives. This is due to mindset and the sales and marketing company have recently been educating young professionals on the importance of creating the right mindset for success. Precision Acquisitions Direct outlined how a person’s belief systems about their own abilities and potential fuels their behaviour and predict their success. Therefore, by having little confidence in their abilities a person is unable to take the necessary steps to grow and progress towards positive change. This is called a “fixed mindset” which leads an individual to assume that their character, intelligence and creative ability are set in stone; they are unable to change in any meaningful way. When a person with a fixed mindset is working towards success they often avoid risk as they believe they are unable to change in a way that would see them achieve any greatness through risk. On the other hand, a “growth mindset” thrives on challenge and rather than being afraid of failure, a person openly accepts it as an opportunity to improve their existing abilities and widen their knowledge. This means that in a business environment, it is the people with a growth mindset who believe they have the capacity to become smarter and more skilled who succeed.

Precision Acquisitions Direct often tell young professionals within their industry that to survive in a competitive, changeable environment, they must develop a growth mindset and avoid becoming stuck in their ways. By accepting that they can change for the better and investing in themselves, young professionals will be surprised by what they can achieve. To offer a platform for professionals to actively track their own personal development, the sales and marketing firm offer a range of business development opportunities, which open doors to specialised mentoring and rewards professional development. Utilising these opportunities helps the firm’s young professionals to recognise their abilities and understand that with a positive attitude they are able to alter their behaviour and accomplish greater goals.

Due to the rate of growth within the sales and marketing industry and the increasing demand for more personalised marketing solutions, Precision Acquisitions Direct believes it is vital to support the professional growth of young people working in the industry. It is because of this that the firm has created a range of opportunities for people to access expert advice and support as well as learn the foundations for successful business leadership.

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