After spending some crucial time with one of their clients, where their sales contractors were able to boost their knowledge of the brands products and services, Precision Acquisitions are asking whether brands are doing enough to ensure their representatives fully understand what they are selling. 

Recently, direct marketing agency Precision Acquisitions Direct was invited to the head office of one of their major food and drink clients. The visit was organised to help the firm’s contractors understand more about the brand they represent, and the products and services they promote to customers. After a full day of in-depth product training, Precision Acquisitions Direct came away confident in the knowledge that their contractors had the expert insight and knowhow to support customers and offer them the best, tailor made solutions on behalf of the brand.

However, whilst some companies are joining Precision Acquisitions Direct in providing extensive product training, some brands are still falling short and failing to provide customers with knowledgeable points of contact.  In Precision Acquisition Direct’s opinion, it has never been more important for brands to invest in training so that they can provide a quality customer experience.  A recent study by Forrester found that 65% of customers don’t choose the first vendor they speak to, they shop around and choose a vendor that adds value by offering an immersive, and informative experience. By taking the time to teach brand representatives about what they are selling, Precision Acquisitions Direct believes brands will be able to stand out among their competitors and attract a larger, more loyal customer base.

Investing in product knowledge can also help brands to deal with customer concerns or objections in a more effective manner. Brand representatives with extensive knowledge will be able to clearly and articulately outline to each customer they meet how a product or service could meet their needs and make the sales experience more customer centric. Having a solid knowledge of products and services allows brand representatives to speak to customers with greater confidence, which helps build a stronger connection with the customer and encourages trust.

Precision Acquisitions Direct is adamant, that in todays, impersonal retail environment just presenting a customer with a brochure is no longer enough to make a sale. Brands need to ensure their representatives have the proper understanding of their products because written words and spoken words are very different. Rather than outlining the general benefits and advantages of a product, face to face communication is an effective platform for representatives to learn about customers and share the ways that the products or services could help them personally, in a way that is relevant to them.

Unlike more traditional marketing avenues, Precision Acquisitions Direct specialise in face to face marketing promotions. After completing extensive product training the firm launch campaigns on behalf of their brands and use honest, in person communication to drive brand engagement and offer each customer a tailored service and personalsied solutions.