No matter what industry an entrepreneur chooses to launch their career in, Precision Acquisitions Direct believes there is one attribute they must possess if they stand any chance of progressing…Grit.

Whilst it may seem that the UK is currently in the grips of an entrepreneurial revolution, the unfortunate reality is that many of Britain’s entrepreneurs will fail to live out their entrepreneurial dreams in full. The hard truth is that 9 out of 10 start-up ventures fail, and only half of those who make it out the starting gate will survive past the 5 year mark. With odd’s like this, many may think it’s a miracle that anyone would want to pursue entrepreneurship at all, however those who do succeed as entrepreneurs share a common trait and if mastered; almost anyone can dramatically boost their chances of succeeding within entrepreneurship.

This trait is grit. Grit is defined as courage and strength of character, and is a trait that is crucial to surviving the world or entrepreneurship. Precision Acquisitions Direct believe that there are many reasons as to why people become entrepreneurs, such as a desire to make a difference, to pursue a dream or simply because they have no other choice. However these reasons are not enough on their own to guarantee success. To overcome the brutal hours, stress and personal sacrifice entrepreneurs need more than this, they need grit. Grit builds courage, resilience and helps them to harness the power within each of them — not the circumstances outside — to keep moving forward.

In a recent meeting with young professionals, Precision Acquisitions Direct outlines the benefits of possessing grit and how it can provide the drive and power to overcome anything. The firm believe grit to be made up of several different components, and have outlined the role each component plays below.


Gut and instinct allows a person to make a decision based on little factual evidence. It relies on a person being able to trust their unconscious, and whilst this may sound tricky, it’s all about practice. When a decision is right it feels natural, when it’s not, a person is likely to feel their body react to it.


Even for non-entrepreneurs life is likely to throw up the occasionally curve ball. Resilient people develop a mental state that allows them to adapt with ease during tough times by looking at the positives and what can be learnt from negative experiences.


To be truly successful, people need to accept change and drive invention. Being inventive allows a person to view things from multiple perspectives and find incredible opportunities.


People must commit to their purpose if they are to achieve success. Tenacity means being able to keep searching for answers even during tough and challenging times.

Based in London, Precision Acquisitions Direct is the home of quality direct marketing campaigns. The firm offer engaging and effective solutions to brands looking to boost their market presence, increase sales and form more meaningful, sustainable connections with their consumers. Through face-to-face campaigns the firm are able to gain a deeper understanding of individual customer need and tailor an experience that is both personalised and memorable.

With supporting entrepreneurship being a core element of their company mission, Precision Acquisition Direct offers a wide range of opportunities for their contractors to boost their business knowledge and skills. This includes developing grit, and the firm regularly set their young professionals challenges that push them out of their comfort zones and encourage them to become more resilient and driven.