At Precision Acquisitions Direct we offer a very bespoke and unique marketing technique. As specialists in direct marketing we have to differentiate ourselves from traditional forms of marketing in order to provide a bespoke and tailored approach to establish a long lasting connection with consumers. To do this, we believe connecting face-to-face with consumers, which enables us to build rapport and form unique bonds with consumers, as a by-product we are able to deliver the best service possible. The precision in our approach is what allows us to provide on-going results and ROI to our clients every time.

Precision Acquisitions Direct - brand loyalty

Brand Loyalty

Our distinct technique to drive brand loyalty.

Brand Loyalty is crucial for any business to survive and at Precision Acquisitions Direct we believe building strong business relationships between brand and consumer and ensuring quality customer service is the way to keep customers coming back for more.

Precision Acquisitions Direct - event marketing

Face to Face Marketing

Our unique approach to increase results.

We believe traditional forms of advertising, such as television and radio ads, do not offer that personal touch which consumersÍ› desire. Using direct marketing approach we are able to connect with our consumers and offer them a positive customer experience which leads to increased results for our clients.

Precision Acquisitions Direct - measurable results

Measurable Results

Precise and accurate readings to ensure the best from your campaign.

Our personalised marketing approach allows us to measure results daily, weekly and monthly. This means that we can make any changes necessary to ensure that you are always getting the best results from your campaign.

“Our personalised technique examines and identifies each ideal consumer with the highest level of precision.”

Precision Acquisitions Direct - why choose us


Based in London we have extended market reach across the UK and aim to personally meet with all your ideal consumers across the country. This way you are only targeting the consumers most likely to be interested in your products and this precise form of marketing helps to generate top quality results.

Why direct marketing?

We believe direct marketing is one of the most personalised forms of marketing which really allows us to connect with your consumers on a personal level and offer them the most suitable product or service for their needs.